To see ICD-9/10-CM Transition TurboCoder in action,
click here for a 2-minute Video

ICD-9/10-CM Transition TurboCoder Video

To see TurboSearch in action,
click here for a 2-minute Video

TurboSearch Demo


4-Minute TurboCoder Demo and Tutorials

To see TurboCoder in action,
click here for a 4-minute Demo

TurboCoder Demo


1. Navigation and MultiView Screen
2. Searching
3. Copy & Paste & Smart Table Headings
4. Collaboration in Context with Notes


1. Transition to ICD-10-CM (PDF)


"I love this app! No more bulky books. I can answer questions in a meeting, because all the info I need is on my phon. The application is easy to use, exact and always close. This makes my life so much easier, my billing accurate and my clients very happy. Can't imagine my careers without this going forward."
Comment by Linn Roche,
Director of Revenue
Linn Roche Billing

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