"I love this app! No more bulky books. I can answer questions in a meeting, because all the info I need is on my phon. The application is easy to use, exact and always close. This makes my life so much easier, my billing accurate and my clients very happy. Can't imagine my careers without this going forward."
Comment by Linn Roche, Director of Revenue. Linn Roche Billing
"I've been a coding and billing instructor for more than 20 years. TurboCoder is an outstanding adjunct tool to help me with coding visits, appealing coding issues successfully with the various commercial insurance companies, creating educational programs, to assist with doctors who present with coding issues and to ensure my personal medical bills are coded to standards. TurboCoder is the Platinum standard for coding software."
"Love it! Can't live without it! - the most powerful thing - speed AND accuracy!" HIM - Victoria   "TurboCoder is an excellent product" - Advanced Coding Specialist - UT
"I love the ICD-9 (TurboCoder) product" - HIM - Education Director - FL   "I LOVE your (TurboCoder) product" - Practice Management Consultant - FL

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